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Your goals can be anything quantifiable — weight, pushups, minutes spent on Facebook, points on Duolingo. Answer with your number when Beeminder asks — or connect a device/app below to auto-report — and we'll show your progress and a Bright Red Line to follow to stay on track. If you cross the line, we charge your payment method!
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“It's an amazing piece of software. You guys really have impressive design abilities to take such a difficult concept and pull it off as a practical app. It's really a great feat in out-of-the-box thinking. Kudos!”

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Silhoutted person entering a yellow and black striped gateway
Announcement: Signing Up For Beeminder Requires Hard-Committing To Use Beeminder
That’s right my little bees: we put a commitment device in our commitment device to bring out the commitment flavor of the commitment device. Does everyone know the soup nazi from Seinfeld? Basically it’s an interesting episode in Seinfeldnomics (and boy howdy do we like economics)... »